December 9, 2020

Sunday Soundbite for December 13, 2020

With the Holy Spirit’s help we can take a message of joy and hope in Jesus Christ to a world that needs to hear it.
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Priest with ALS continues to minister, feels God’s blessings

INDIANAPOLIS (CNS) -- The pilgrims rode in a boat across choppy waves on the Sea of Galilee with wind gusting and rain blowing into their boat. A greater storm was churning in the hearts and minds of the pilgrims and ...
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Faith and Family for December 13: Third Sunday of Advent

The Gospel for the third Sunday of Advent tells of John the Baptist preaching about the coming of Christ, the light of the world.
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A Look at St. Juan Diego

Knowing that Mary would choose to appear to an indigenous farmer when she could appear anywhere and to anyone brings to many people a symbol of hope.
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Saint Nicholas: Fact or Fiction?

According to that rhyming narrative, Saint Nicholas drives a toy-filled sleigh powered by reindeer through the air to the home of each and every child on Christmas Eve.
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