June 24, 2020

Sunday Soundbite for June 28, 2020

Being a Christian in gospel terms is serious business indeed. The context of Christian hospitality is self-sacrificing love–the love that leads to accepting one’s cross.

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6 Media Ministries to Nourish Your Soul

Just as uplifting news stories seem to get buried under the more salacious and exploitative items, the efforts to spread goodness and well-being via technology are often overshadowed by mind-numbing games and unhealthy use of social media. Although we ought to tread carefully in the web-based world of content, we should also keep an open mind to where it can be beneficial to our psyches and spirits.

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Painting of Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist is one of the few saints who have two feast days. Today we celebrate his birth, which Saint Luke narrates in his Gospel. There Luke draws a parallel between the births of Jesus and John, pointing out the important role in the history of salvation that John the Baptist would play.

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