May 9, 2020

What about Limbo?

Are unbaptized souls in a state of eternal happiness outside heaven or do they go to hell forever? I pray for my granddaughter’s soul.
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Why So Few Lay Saints?

Few lay men or women have been formally canonized. Most saints belonged to religious communities, but people in that state of life make up a tiny percentage of the Church.
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Why Eucharistic Adoration?

What is the meaning of eucharistic adoration in the Church? I have been attending such adoration in the past year and would like to know about it. It makes me feel good to attend. Does it carry a special blessing?
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What Is the Process for Canonizing Someone?

What steps does the Church follow in recognizing saints? How do Servants of God and Venerables differ?
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Was Saint Peter the Bishop of Rome?

In his book The Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis, Garry Wills states that there is no evidence before AD 100 that there was any bishop in Rome. Is that true?
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Suffering from Natural Disasters

Why do you think God inflicts such natural disasters on many innocent, God-loving people?
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