April 19, 2019

A Meditation on the Crucifixion of Christ

“In the Upper Room, on the night before Jesus died out of love for us, He prayed what has come to be known as the “priestly prayer.” (CCC 2747) This took place at the Last Supper. Recorded in John 17, Jesus allows us “to eavesdrop on his threefold prayer to the Father—a prayer for himself, for his disciples and for those, including ourselves, who would follow him.

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Lent with Richard Rohr: The Scapegoat and Scapegoating

Good Friday | Readings: Isaiah 52:13-53:12; John18:1-19:42


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God Loves Us to the End

In you, Holy Cross, we see God who loves even to the end, and we see the hatred of those who want to dominate, that hatred which blinds the minds and hearts of those who prefer darkness to light. O Cross of Christ, Arc of Noah that saved humanity from the flood of sin, save us from evil and from the Evil One. O Throne of David and seal of the divine and eternal Covenant, awaken us from the seduction of vanity! O cry of love, inspire in us a desire for God, for goodness and for light.

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