December 8, 2017

St. Anthony Messenger’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

We at St. Anthony Messenger have pulled together a few items not only to help you with your Christmas list, but to help others as well. Enjoy these gift suggestions—and Merry Christmas!

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The Tiniest Miracles in God's Creation

Christmas can become a celebration of artifice and manufactured wonders. From the dangling icicle lights along the roofline to the inflatable cartoon characters on suburban lawns, we run the risk of treating this holiday as a time of one-upping not only the neighbors but also God. But we know deep down that no factory in China can produce something as wonderful as the tiniest miracle in God’s creation.

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Make Room for God

Those who hope in the Lord “will run and not grow weary.” We might have trouble believing these words when we’re running in a hundred different directions trying to get everything done. It’s hard not to get caught up in the frenetic activity of the season. We want this kind of boundless energy. We can find it by keeping God as our central priority and reminding ourselves that life will go on and people will still love us, even if our errands go unfinished. Cross something off today’s list and write in God instead.

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