St. Francis

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Blessed Lady Jacoba and Almond Treats

Lady Jacoba (now Blessed Jacoba) was deeply struck by St. Francis of Assisi and consequently became a Third Order Franciscan. She kindly offered one special luxury to the humble man of Assisi.
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The Almighty in All Things

To those who left all things, Jesus had promised eternal life and a hundredfold besides—now!
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Directionless but Divine

Both St. Francis and St. Bonaventure are said to have visited La Verna, a mountain donated to the Franciscans by Count Orlando of Chiusi, at times in their lives where they were wrestling with their divine calling.
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Godly Moment

In keeping his eyes on the leper, in thinking only of this person before him, Francis forgot himself.
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Peace Is a Gift

Peace is a gift from God. Human actions that cooperate with God’s grace activate peace in the world.
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To Live the Gospel Life

What Francis meant by “Gospel” was Jesus, the living Word of God made living flesh and living with us today.
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