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We Are Not Alone

Core to the Christian Gospel for Franciscans is the realization that the God of the universe decided to enter into our world, first through creation itself (Gn 1), then through the Incarnation (Jn 1), not because of sin or the ...
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woman drawing a heart in the sky at night

I Love Myself

hen we think of love, often the focus is on the love that is projected outward--to a partner, a child, a friend. But when do we stop and focus on ourselves?
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leave formed like a heart

Boundless Graces

One of the fundamental laws of human life and of the spiritual life is that the measure we give to others will be the measure we will receive.
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adult helping child tying his shoes

Kindness Pleases God

Today do a small act of love for someone. Open a door for someone, or just say “please” or “thank you.”
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Great Podcasts: ‘Sweet Bobby’

Christopher Heffron looks at two podcasts that take wildly different approaches to love.
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granddaughter kissing grandfather on the cheek.

Let Us Pray: Love Will Keep Us Together

This “crazy little thing called love,” which is both simple to recognize and difficult to define, means nothing if it is not rooted in and seen through the one who is, was, and forever will be
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