Blessed Virgin Mary

Angel kneeling before Mary at the annunciation

The Humble Handmaiden

Mary offers to share with us her graces, her love, and her mystery, symbolized in the roses adorning her halo.
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woman praying in church

Filled with Grace

We all imitate Mary and experience her reality every time we attend Mass.
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woman holding a lantern in the darkness

God’s Plan Is Eternal

It is easy to imagine Mary feeling stress during her early years with Jesus in this passing world.
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mother kissing her child while holding him in her arms.

Spiritual Nourishment from Mary

Of all the titles and epithets of Mary, the ones that make her most human and real to us are those relating to her motherhood.
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Pregnant woman walking outside at sunrise

Handmaid of the Lord

She knew from the moment of the rush of Gabriel’s wings and his lilting “Hail, full of Grace,” that she was only the handmaid.
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mother giving. baby a kiss

Fierce, Motherly Fervor

God’s love is so powerful. It was a miracle. I could accomplish this only through the grace of God.
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