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Notes from a Friar: A Closer Look at Heaven

Eternity will be the revelation not only of all God’s love and goodness, but also of all that we have meant to each other.
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The Kingdom of God: Past, Present, Future

This blog on the kingdom of God is at the heart of what Evangelization is all about.
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Notes from a Friar: The Hour of Our Death

No one dies alone, whether a soldier on the battlefield or a poor, abandoned person in an alleyway.
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Notes from a Friar: Life Everlasting

I see heaven as one infinitely loving gathering of God’s people…one that will never end.
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This Life and the Next

The best way to think of heaven is not the abode of God, but our union with God.
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What about Reincarnation?

One of my close friends believes in reincarnation. My Catholic education and faith leave me with no reason to believe in multiple lives. Among other things, my friend claims that all mention of reincarnation was removed from the Bible in ...
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