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St. Anthony Messenger

September 2020 Issue

Dear Reader: Thank You, Dr. Patterson

Oct 5, 2020
As editors, we’re fortunate to work with a collective of talented writers, photographers, copy editors, and artists. Without their contributions, we wouldn’t have a magazine.

Embracing Our Imperfections

Oct 4, 2020
Last year, I got a sweater from my wife as a birthday gift. It’s a simple grey sweater made of a linen blend, and I immediately fell in love with it. When it got cold, it became my go-to sweater to ride out the bitter Chicago winter.

Catholics and Gun Control

Oct 4, 2020
When I was in the third grade, our teacher was a kindly old nun named Sister Rosemary. One day she suggested to us that it was sinful to have a toy gun.

COVID-19 Can Lead Us to a Better World

Oct 3, 2020
My good friend and former pastor Father Tom Lynch would often say, “Life turns on a dime.” He was generally saying this in reference to Matthew 24:42: “Therefore, stay awake!

Andrea Bocelli on Music and Miracles

Oct 3, 2020
For most Catholics, the story of Fatima is a familiar one. Beginning in May 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children in Fatima, Portugal. The visions culminated in the “miracle of the sun” in October of that year.

Be Pro-Life. Wear a Mask.

Aug 4, 2020
When the majority of people hear the term pro-life, they immediately equate it with the issue of abortion—full stop. The reality, though, is that the pro-life issue is much broader than that. Saints, popes, and the US bishops have all addressed the issue and said so.