Mental Images of God

Although I have struggled with an eating disorder for most of my adult life, this has been less of a problem in recent years. I am, however, tormented by some things I did in order to support that disorder. I have tried to make amends, but I am never satisfied that I have done enough. I sometimes feel that I will go to hell because of these sins.

If God were answering your question definitely not the case here! I am quite certain that God would urge you to ease up on the sins you have already confessed and for which you have done penance.

This “easing up ” will enable you to live in greater God-given freedom, inevitably becoming even more generous and compassionate than you already are. God is not tormenting you by memories of these past sins the devil is.

The Bible presents many mental images about God. If we latch on to one (for example, God as a strict judge) to the exclusion of all the others, we will be ignoring God’s equally important self-revelation elsewhere in the Bible.

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