Sharing the Word for November 4, 2021

Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo

November 4, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Romans 14:7-12

Paul now deals with some of the details of Christian life–especially with the question of the observance of Jewish religious practices.

Many of these early Christians had been observing the practices of Mosaic Law concerning certain foods, fasting, and the observance of certain dates. Now that they had become believers in Christ, some believers felt that their faith emancipated them from such practices. Other believers felt that they had to keep on observing their Jewish religious habits. And this resulted in tensions.

In this passage Paul tells them all that the real issue is not religious practices but the service of the Lord. It’s not up to us to judge the value of someone else’s religious observances. That’s God’s prerogative. Serving him is what’s important.

Pause and Pray

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