Sharing the Word for May 5, 2023

Friday of the Fourth Week of Easter

May 5, 2023
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 13:26-33

Paul’s Antioch speech continues. The Israelites failed to recognize Jesus as their Savior and they had him put to death, but then the Father raised him from the dead. He was seen by many witnesses. Jesus’ resurrection identified him as God’s Son–a sonship that God offers to share with us. Life and forgiveness of sins are available to everyone who believes in Jesus.

This is good news indeed. The whole history of God’s relationship with his people is brought to fulfillment in Jesus. Life in God through Jesus is being offered to those to whom Paul is now speaking.

We are all children of God! Life and forgiveness of sin is ours for the taking. That’s the good news that Paul proclaimed in Antioch.

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