Sharing the Word for January 24, 2022 – Third Week in Ordinary Time – Year 2

Memorial of Saint Francis de Sales

January 24, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: 2 Samuel 5:1-7, 10

Saul is dead, and his successors among the northern tribes have proven themselves to be unsatisfactory. David meanwhile, has become king of the tribe of Judah in the south.

Representatives of the northern tribes invite David to become king of all the tribes. He has appropriate qualifications. He’s related to Saul by marriage. He’s skilled in warfare. He is known to be pleasing to God.     David accepts the proposal and becomes king over all the tribes of the Lord.

In order to promote unity among the tribes David chooses one city, Jerusalem, as his capital. The city was thought to be impregnable but David succeeded in taking it. This marked the beginning of the peak point of the political history of God’s people.

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