Seven Saints You’ve Never Heard Of

statues of Catholic saints inside an opulent church

St. Hemma of Gurk? St. Deicolus? St. Romanus of Le Mans? These saints are not household names, but maybe they should be! Although the Church recognizes thousands of saints, a relatively small number of them are well known to most Catholics. Meet seven obscure saints—men and women, single and married, from all corners of the world—whose exploits have been lost to most of us. Each person's life highlights something that can be applied to today’s circumstances.

The reason the Church presents us with saints is that each one is a beautiful mosaic tile. Now, ordinarily, individual mosaic tiles are nothing to behold. They may be jasper, cornelian, teal, gold, or whatever, but they are just teensy little boring tiles. Saints, on the other hand, are mosaic tiles that are beautiful, breathtaking to behold on their own, even apart from the larger magnificent picture they help to create.

Enjoy these holy unknowns!

Statues of Holy Catholic Saints

Rasso of Andechs

The Gentle Giant • ca. 880—d. 953 • Memorial: May 17 and June 1

Page through a history book for epic, decisive events, such as battles, treaties, and technological advances. Besides the major players, consider the others who helped make these things possible, most of whom are not even a footnote. St. Rasso, for instance. He was six-foot-six, and his gentlemanly bearing was as impressive as his stature. His height and his formidable military skills won him many jousting tournaments. All of this prepared him for his valorous conduct in two battles that established his reputation. Click here to read more