Pause + Pray

The Living Water of Faith

person standing by waterfall


The very first Psalm sings of a tree planted by flowing waters, with leaves that never fade; it bears fruit in due season. This is an image of living in God’s love. The love of God is a flowing stream of living water. And, to be planted beside it is to be nourished by that love. A tree planted by such waters will be green with new life even in a time of drought, an hour of suffering. The world will see such a tree and be filled with wonder: How is it possible? What does it mean? Where does such life come from? 


Jesus, my Lord, from your side
flows the stream of living water;
Grant that I be planted always by your side;
Fill my heart with your love and let me bear the fruit 
Of your love today for those around me.


To bear the fruit of God’s love is to become like Christ; it means dying to self, becoming least, and letting others be first. But, as Jesus tells us, his yoke is easy and his burden light. This week, when you are faced with disappointment or struggles, take a moment, acknowledge the pain, the sorrow, then close your eyes and remind yourself: You are planted by the stream. God’s love is flowing through you, even in a time of drought. With your eyes still closed, ask Jesus to let your struggle become a witness to his love. The season for bearing fruit has begun.

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