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Pause and Pray

Telling of You, O God

Oct 16, 2021
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There are so many powerful moments in the psalms. Consider this clear and uncluttered translation of a phrase from Psalm 71:15: “My lips will tell of your help.” 


Today, God, let me know that I can share
with others in my life how much I lean on you.
Can I share with my children, my neighbors and coworkers?
It’s very simple: how you help me.
And I will speak of you
not with the goal of changing anyone’s mind,
but just to take that risk of showing the truth of my heart.
You’ve never left me.
Today, I can find my way singing a soft gentle song:
My lips will 
tell of your help.


Today, don’t hesitate to share the truth of how your faith has guided you. 

What Was Lost: Seeking Refuge in the Psalms

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