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Pause and Pray

Lighting Your Lamp

May 12, 2022
multiple lit candles


In the Gospel parable, what does it mean that the wise virgins can’t share their oil? If we remember the story of Elijah and the widow and the never emptying jars of oil and flour, then clearly this is not a story about supply and demand. Then what? Is Jesus telling us that there are some things in life that no one can do for us? Like faith or hope or love?


Jesus, you who were able to multiply the loaves and fishes,
and turn water into wine.
Open our eyes to the fullness and overflowing abundance
of your grace.


Light a candle and slowly read Matthew 25:1-13 in your Bible. When you finish, let the words echo inside you as you observe the flickering light of the candle. P.S. Make sure to blow the candle out when you're finished.

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