Pause + Pray

Building a Home


Millions of people’s ideas of home have been altered during the pandemic. And as war continues in Ukraine, the situation of refugees driven from their homes increases daily. Hopefully for those of us in safety, this leads to mindful consideration of the culture we are building inside our families and homes.


Jesus, the world seems to be weary.
Help us to build homes that house your presence,
feed the hungry, and give rest to all who enter.

May we follow the beatitudes with courage and conviction,
despite the temptation to be apathetic.

Grant us the determination, Lord, to reenergize those around us
who are exhausted by the pace of life today,
leading by example with Gospel living.

Guide us in awakening this weary world.


Perfectly organized homes don’t always cure weariness, but so often a cup of tea, a candle, soft music, and a prayer can. Invite someone over for a cup of tea in your home without stressing about cleaning it first.

Faith and Family


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