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Into the Void


On his road to Calvary, Jesus of Nazareth modeled trust and obedience as he suffered. Sometimes in life nothing makes sense. The trapdoor opens and we find ourselves free-falling into darkness. Maybe we feel hopeless or helpless, but trust and obedience can help us to root ourselves in our values, even when we don’t have the answers.


When my prayers slip away, dissolving into the inky black,
or when it feels like you’ve turned your back,
I still turn my heart to you.
Not even the Son of Man was free
from this terrifying 
encounter with divine absence.
God, help me follow the path of the Christ,
who, venturing 
into the void, taught us how to suffer
with integrity, 
honesty, and mysterious trust.


Consider wearing a cross on your neck, wrist, or putting a rosary in your pocket. When you feel overwhelmed today, take a moment to pause and touch the cross. Maybe hold it in your hand and trace your fingers over the beams. Spend a minute or two gazing upon it before moving on to your next task.

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