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Share Your Light This Christmas

Every morning before I start to work, I read “the next paragraph” in my Bible at work. On December 6, the feast of St. Nicholas, my “next paragraph” in Matthew 15:33 was of Jesus feeding the 5,000. My next venture was to follow along in a small Advent booklet on Mary; the Gospel reading for that day was, (you guessed it) Jesus feeding the 5,000!

Just as Jesus knew how to give the one gift needed at the time, Mary shows us the way to give.  She “gave the world just one gift, but it was far more than enough.” It was the one gift the world needed.

Each of us has a special gift to give to others. Find your special gift to give others this Christmas.

Maybe your “gift” is being a good listener. Perhaps someone needs to be listened to that day. Take time to listen.

Maybe your “gift” is looking for the positive in an otherwise downtime or situation a person is facing. Find that hard-to-find good in a certain situation; share that.

Maybe your “gift” is being in the habit of being thankful. Remind a friend, family member, or coworker of a reason to be thankful. (There are many, you know!). You woke up this morning, didn’t you?

Maybe your “gift” is laughter. Share that occasionally. (Don’t overdo it—or folks will start to wonder about you!).

Maybe your “gift” is your faith. Most folks find it easy to share their beliefs (and everyone can; you need not be a theologian).

Maybe your “gift” is being kind to others. Who among us doesn’t appreciate a little act of kindness?

OK, folks, look around you. Someone is waiting for your special gift. Can you find that person? And, if you do, are you willing to share? God is already present in every time/situation. You need only to “pray it forward” for a person in need.

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