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Minute Meditations

We Are Doing God’s Work

Dec 3, 2021
Raindrop falling on hand | Photo by Geetanjal Khanna on Unsplash

If you are about gospel work,
with a head for justice and a tender heart,
it helps each day to cleanse the lens.
We dare not disregard the darkness,
nor turn away from problems and pain;
but face instead each morning’s light and bathe our
eyes in mercy’s rain.
When the world looks always grimy,
when hope and newness are obscured,
then is the time for window wiping.
Cleanse the panes with wonder and lament,
for the tears of sorrow and laughter you share,
let love’s light in to dissipate despair.
No matter where your eyes come to rest,
will you look long enough and lovingly,
till light breaks through at last?

— from the book Wandering and Welcome: Meditations for Finding Peace by Joseph Grant

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