Minute Meditations

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Rely on God Alone

God challenges us all the time. Often we feel inadequate and ill-prepared.
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Attuned to the Eternal

Seeking beauty is the pathway to seeking joy, and as women, we are endowed with unique gifts that allow us not only to long for that joy that is a reflection of our longing for heaven, but to create and ...
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Mary’s Eyes

Her eyes of mercy are surely the greatest vessel of mercy, for their gaze enables us to drink in that kindness and goodness for which we hunger with a yearning that only a look of love can satisfy. Mary’s eyes ...
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Behold, Your Mother

While hanging on the cross, Jesus said to his Mother, “Woman, behold your son.” And to John, his beloved disciple, he said, “Son, behold your Mother.” This was more than a son’s dying request to secure the care of his ...
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Have Courage

When we are weary, downcast, beset with cares, let us look to Mary, let us feel her gaze, which speaks to our heart and says: “Courage, my child, I am here to help you!”   Let us beg her to turn ...
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Fellowship of Believers

With the Eucharist, we join with our fellow Catholics, our neighbors, and our friends to be fed by the Lord. We celebrate together, not alone. In this way, Mother Church keeps our faith from being a solitary experience. If there ...
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Grace in All Things

I began to see that the intent of Christ was never to relegate redemption to the spiritual realm, leaving us to wait desperately to shed this cumbersome physical world. No, he is in all things and he holds everything together. ...
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