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No One Can Separate You from God's Love

Mistreatment by anyone, and especially by a parent, can leave us feeling worthless and unloved. When we feel unloved by human beings close to us, it can be difficult to feel loved by God. As you saw in my example, it can get to the point that it affects our life decisions and responses to the world around us. Rejection from others can cause us to reject ourselves. That is a natural reaction, but it is contrary to what our Lord has taught us. Even when we question ourselves, God does not question us. What I mean is this. God knows us. He knows he has given us each numerous gifts and that we are able, with his grace, to use those gifts to their full potential. I promise you that, no matter how badly you feel unsure, unloved, and unworthy, God loves you, and no one or nothing can separate you from his love.

— from Forgiving Mother: A Marian Novena of Healing and Peace

Forgiving Mother


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