Minute Meditations

Master Gardener


Sometimes we overcomplicate things and slip out of an awareness of our inherent union with God and abiding in the Trinity. May this prayer help to simplify your life and longings and continue to redefine the meaning of “fruit” in the garden that is your life.



Life’s mysteries are not my own
to control, to claim, or to contrive
though I often cling in desperation 
to the plow in a field on a planet,
none of which belong to me. 
Send the rays and the rain
whenever and however you wish,
Master Gardener, Fountain Fullness,
as my hands and feet
and as my heart and mind
simply do what they’re made to do.



In Matthew 13, Jesus shares a parable about how wheat still grows among the weeds.

Whenever anxiety arises today about the rain that has not yet come, acknowledge the thought, thank the thought, let it gently pass, and allow a line from the prayer to ruminate and re-center your hands and feet and your heart and mind. Maybe the tension is where the wheat in your life is growing among the weeds.

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