Minute Meditations

Jesus Calls Us

woman in a boat surrounded by water, forest and fog

Jesus is calling each and every one of us from the boats of our own comforts. Maybe, like me, Jesus is calling you from the comfort of a traditional family close to home to religious life. But maybe not. Maybe the comfort that you seek in the boat is actually your own independence and lack of commitment, and what Jesus is calling you step out onto are the waters of a traditional family, committing yourself to others. While each of our vocations is uniquely different and what is asked of me is likely not what will be asked of you, one thing is true for us all: True disciples of Christ never get comfortable in their seats. Rather than staying where it is safe, clinging to what is familiar, they recognize that the mission of Christ does not have walls or limits, and being a disciple is not a nine-to-five job. Whether it be for desire for pleasure, a response to fear, or simply the result of overwhelming apathy, any comfort that leaves us sitting in the boat when Jesus is standing out on the sea is a roadblock to discipleship.

Jesus is calling us, and we must be willing to let go of what keeps us from him.

—from the book Let Go: Seven Stumbling Blocks to Christian Discipleship
by Casey Cole, OFM

Let Go by Casey Cole, OFM

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