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Minute Meditations

How Prayer Nourishes Us

Nov 20, 2020
Photo by Samantha Fernandes on Unsplash

Like eating, prayer is meant to respect the natural rhythms of our energy. As we know from experience, we don’t always want a banquet. If we tried to have a banquet every day, we would soon find coming to the table burdensome and we would look for every excuse to escape, to sneak off for a quick sandwich by ourselves. Eating has a natural balance: banquets alternate with quick snacks, rich dishes with simple sandwiches, meals that take a whole evening with meals we eat on the run. We can have high season only if we mostly have ordinary time. Healthy eating habits respect our natural rhythms: our time, energy, tiredness, the season, the hour, our taste.

 —from the book Prayer: Our Deepest Longing
by Ronald Rolheiser

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