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Minute Meditations

God’s Real Majesty

Oct 8, 2021
photo by kieferpix of a woman with an IV in a hospital bed. Minute Meditations.

The heart of Christianity is the great and incomprehensible truth that God’s true majesty, God’s authentic immensity, consists in God’s willingness to become lowly and forsaken, to pitch a tent among us and become one of us. God’s presence is sometimes revealed in lightning and thunder and smoke on Mount Sinai, but it’s much more likely to show up in the faces of our neighbors. And not just our respectable neighbors, either, but those whom we generally go out of our way to avoid: the poor, the ill, the imprisoned, the aged, the weak, and the despised. In their faces, if we but have eyes to see, we encounter God. In their lowliness and helplessness we discover the real majesty of a God of love and self-sacrifice.

— from the book Perfect Joy: 30 Days with Francis of Assisi  by Kerry Walters

Perfect Joy by Kerry Walters


Ron Krumpos
Fri, 10/08/2021 - 02:00 PM
Ron Krumpos
God is neither “up there” nor “down here”; it is not outside nor is it inside; it is at the infinite here. God is neither before birth nor after death; it is not yesterday, today nor tomorrow; it is in the eternal now. There is no place where the divine is not, there is no time when the divine is not, because God is not related to space or time.

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