Minute Meditations

Desire God Only

a woman holding her hands over her heart while praying

I don’t believe our world has much desire left in it. Despite its insatiable appetite for creature comforts, giving in to seemingly every impulse of the day, I don’t believe the world knows much about actual desire. I’m talking about the desire that fuels us to a future goal, focuses our attention away from temptations and distractions, and remains steadfast when things get difficult. In other words, it’s the ability to want something so much that you’re willing to make any sacrifice to achieve it. 

When Jesus speaks of being hungry, having a pure heart, and the willingness to endure persecution, this is what he’s referring to. Not that he wants us to suffer, but that he wants our desire for the Gospel to be so great that we are willing and able to endure suffering in this world. He wants people who are so focused on him and the joy of the kingdom he offers that riches, acclaim, comfort, and earthly happiness are not tempting in the least. They’re distractions, immediate gratifications that do not last. I’d invite you to pause and ask yourself: What do you desire so much that you are willing to give up everything to obtain it, even your life?

—from St. Anthony Messenger‘s “Acting on the Beatitudes
by Casey Cole, OFM

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