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Catholics among Mormons

What is it like to be Catholic in a land settled and populated mostly by Latter-day Saints? Special challenges to the Catholic community develop special strengths, agree Salt Lake City Catholics in interviews with St. Anthony Messenger.

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Saint Anthony: Portugal’s Favorite Son

When Anthony was little, Lisbon was home to him. He belongs to Portugal in his birth, in his education, in his entry into religious life and in his introduction to the Franciscans. Every now and then, the Portuguese reassert their claim on the man many assume to be Italian and connect with Padua.

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StarShine: Love Has No Limits

Kiana Carter was a youthful first-time mom. Her husband, Artrez, had the same optimistic credentials. They were excited, but the obstetrician cut a wide swath of alarm into their anticipation.

The doctor told them at the gender reveal that their son-to-be was unlikely to live. Kiana remembers the moment.

“Why, why, why, God? I don’t know if I can handle this. But let me raise him. Let me love him. I will serve you the rest of my life. ” AJ is her miracle baby.

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