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Generosity and Kindness Toward All

Pierre Toussaint’s life really is a remarkable one that leaves you saying, “That’s incredible.” It is hard to believe that a man would remain enslaved just because his widowed owner needed him. It is also a stretch to understand how one man could endure racial indignities, even in his church, yet continue to nurture his Catholic spirit of philanthropy and good will. How does such a person manage to remain positive amid every obstacle and emerge as a pillar of courage and strength both for his oppressors and supporters?

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St. Josephine Bakhita, Pray for Us!

The story of St. Josephine Bakhita remains a very moving testament to God’s providential hand on all who are called to do God’s great work. Although God’s work is often found in what some may call menial tasks, all work done in the name of the Lord is work of great magnitude in the eyes of God.

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Choose to Speak Rather than Remain Silent

Saint Cassian of Tangier models the ultimate Christian act of brotherhood and friendship. His decision to speak up for what is right clearly left him standing alone in the courtroom and later on at his beheading. There were no groups or persons with him to support his choice. There were no character witnesses to speak up for this one who embraced the unpopular Christian faith. Except for the unconditional love of our redeemer, Cassian was alone. With the simple utterance of “I am a Christian,” he was condemned. One might ask why he didn’t remain quiet.

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