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Mindful Eating

Environmental activist Wendell Berry has said, “Eating is an agricultural act.” It can also be a spiritual act. Asking certain questions about our food and its origins can transform a necessary and habitual act into a form of resistance, love, and even prayer.

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There Is Wisdom in Beauty

The Church has left a legacy of beautiful church buildings, literature, music, art, and ideas for all the world to ponder. Just stepping into an ancient cathedral in Europe can lead to conversion.

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Christianity’s Wholeness

The “Catechism of the Catholic Church” says that “No one is father as God is Father” (CCC 239). It is also true that no one is mother like Mary, and no one is friend, brother, or king like Jesus. At its core Christianity is still good, true, and beautiful.

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Building a Home

For those of us in safety, the troubles of the world can lead to mindful consideration of the culture we are building inside our families and homes.

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Everyday Pilgrims

There is a danger in limiting the pilgrim mindset to grand moments of international travel. In reality, driving to Mass on Sunday, a trip to a local shrine, or visiting a monastery can all have great spiritual value if we remain aware of God’s presence.

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Wisdom and Anxiety

If you have been silently struggling with depression or anxiety, make an appointment for therapy. Or, if a friend, loved one, or coworker is dealing with mental health issues, sometimes simply being present and listening to him/her is just what that person needs in the moment.

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