November 24, 2023

Michael Voris, founder of Church Militant, leads the praying of the rosary in Baltimore Nov. 16, 2021, during the organization's rally near the hotel where the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was holding its fall general assembly Nov. 15-18. (CNS photo/Kevin J. Parks, Catholic Review)

Church Militant says founder asked to resign for breach of morality clause

Church Militant/St. Michael's Media said Nov. 21 its founder and former CEO Michael Voris "has been asked to resign for breaching the Church Militant morality clause," and that his resignation was accepted by the board.
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woman looking into shop window

Christ Takes Fragile Flesh

Festooned with jingle-jangle, temples of commerce lure us with sweet indulgences so very good for the economy.
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woman talking together

A Prayer for Family

Family can take many forms—beyond our blood relatives. Family can also encompass friends, neighbors, and coworkers.
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