July 12, 2023

Ukraine’s military chaplains ‘ready to heal the wounds of war’ 

KYIV, Ukraine (OSV News) — Ukrainian military chaplains told OSV News they’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their troops across a long front line, while readying themselves for a post-war ministry of healing throughout their nation. “We’re in our positions, and we’re ...
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woman with finger to her lips

‘Judge Not, and You Will Not Be Judged’

Reflect Why is Jesus so adamant about us not judging? And why does he connect it to being judged ourselves? Is he simply reminding us of a universal truth: What you give is what you get? Or is there a ...
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Connecting in Silence

Silence is that ever-faithful companion, a portal to constantly deeper connection with whatever is in front of you.
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My Journey to God

Our faith journeys can be dangerous. But it's never a waste of time.
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