March 11, 2022

saint john ogilvie in a noose

Saint John Ogilvie

A convert from Calvinism, Saint John Ogilvie joined the Jesuits and was ordained to the priesthood. Doing secret ministry in Scotland, John was arrested and tortured for a number of days before being martyred on March 10, 1615.
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Meta, Twitter, Netflix on ‘Dirty Dozen’ list for enabling exploitation

Some familiar brand names were put on the newest "Dirty Dozen" list of companies by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for enabling exploitation.
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A Broken and Contrite Heart

In dark times we sometimes struggle to find words not only to pray but to describe what we are going through to anyone.
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Lent with Padre Pio: First Friday

God, for Padre Pio, was not a foreign figure to learn about, but more a companion to be encountered daily on his faith journey.
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