November 22, 2021

Pope encourages young people to be critical conscience of society

Pope Francis told young people that, with Jesus, people can find the courage to swim against the current, to be free and authentic, and to stand up for their dreams and ideals of truth, love, justice and peace.

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Jesus’ Human Soul

As fully divine and fully human, Jesus must have had a human soul, right?

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People reading the Bible

‘Scripture Alone’ 

I know that this term is strongly supported by some Christians and vigorously challenged by others. When did it originate and what does it mean? 

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Restoring Relationships

Forgiveness isn’t just about letting our grievances go. Forgiveness is the path to restoring the love that binds us to God and one another.

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Saints at the Dinner Table

Amy Heyd spoke with Franciscan Media about food, faith, and family gatherings during the holidays.

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