August 24, 2021

U.S. missionary nuns fly home after quake to organize shipment to Haiti

Getting emergency supplies and aid into the Haiti region most impacted by the Aug. 14 earthquake will prove a major logistical challenge, said two missionary nuns who work in Haiti.
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Saints for Today

Philosopher and activist Simone Weil said that we need saints for today. We need people who join contemplation and action to heal the world and aim toward far horizons of relational and planetary healing.
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Notes from a Friar: Is it a Sin to Worry?

We should remember to use the experience of worry to trigger a prayer in our hearts. That will turn a negative into a positive.
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Statue of Padre Pio

My Visit to Padre Pio’s Tomb

My visit to this popular saint's tomb deepened my appreciation for his holy life.
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