October 6, 2020

People holding their heads down in a somber way

I Died with Him’

One day in 2010 when Deacon LeRoy Gill was visiting Holy Angels Catholic School in Chicago’s violence-prone Bronzeville neighborhood, he noticed a student wearing a small urn around his neck.

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Be a Living Prayer

Unlike Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s concentrated, step-by-step instructions for prayer in his Spiritual Exercises, Saint Francis of Assisi’s guidance for those who wish to follow his example of prayer and devotion is more diffuse.

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Proudly Patriotic

An anti-immigration wave is washing over America and much of the Western world. This wave often drowns out the sensible voices of our pope and bishops, who teach that we must create “a world where immigrants, refugees, migrants, and people on the move are treated with dignity, respect, welcome, and belonging. “

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Dear Reader: Taking a Stand

Throughout history—and still to this day—there are individuals who have been willing to speak out, challenge situations, and try to help make a change.

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Dear Reader: Reconsidering Culture

Television, film, music, podcasts, and YouTube color (and in some cases discolor) our faith lives significantly. As a magazine, we want to address that in ways that better serve you, our readers.

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