June 11, 2020

Returning to the Catholic Church

Whenever a lost sheep returns to the fold, there is much rejoicing in heaven. But when the president of the Evangelical Theological Society returns to the Catholic Church, shouts can be heard throughout the universe.
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Sons and Daughters of Vietnam’s Dads

For most Americans, the Vietnam War has been relegated to the pages of history books. But for those who fought in it, memories of that time will likely never be erased from their hearts.
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The Bible and Homosexuality

I am very confused about homosexuality. I know it’s a sin, but I don’t understand why society condemns this so much as compared to other sins.
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Are the Knights of Columbus Anti-gay?

Q. I recently heard that the Knights of Columbus spent over $500,000 on anti-gay literature. Where is this hatred of gays coming from? Also, can my local pastor refuse me Communion at Mass if I tell him that I am ...
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Mary as ‘Mirror of Justice’

I pray the rosary and the Litany of Loreto daily for world peace and the end of abortion. What does the litany’s invocation ‘mirror of justice’ mean?
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