May 21, 2020

Sunday Soundbite for May 21, 2020

The Church is called to go to all the nations to make disciples. That’s a big task, but the "good news" today is that we are equipped to carry out that mission.
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Franciscan Respite for Refugees

The scene is repeated again and again as immigrants walk off a minibus and into the parish hall of a Franciscan church in McAllen, Texas. The moving gesture from greeters is a response to a modern-day exodus that began in ...
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Declutter Your Spiritual Life

Marie Kondo has helped people declutter their possessions.How can we apply her tactics to our spiritual lives?
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Pope: Church’s preferential option for the poor is nonnegotiable

A missionary or church reality that is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit "manifests predilection for the poor and vulnerable as a sign and reflection of the Lord’s own preference for them," Pope Francis told the pontifical mission societies.
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Living Simply: Clean out Your Home, Mind, and Soul

There is a spiritual dimension to spring cleaning. It has to do not only with cleaning, but also with having fewer things to clean — simplifying our lives so that we aren’t consumed with our stuff or distracted by clutter.
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