May 19, 2020

Dr. Carolyn Woo’s Mission of Charity

It has been a fantastic journey, these past six decades in the life of Carolyn Woo. It is a tale as much Ian Fleming as Thomas Merton, two parts nose-to-the-grindstone for each part prayer of international intrigue, hard work, excellence ...
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Antona Ebo, FSM: Brave Sister of Selma

During the past few weeks Sister Antona Ebo, a Franciscan Sister of Mary, has been making national news again. She and a number of Catholic sisters were pioneers in the struggle for civil rights in Selma, Alabama, back in 1965.
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Surfing for God

Drive along the sandy beaches in New Smyrna, Florida, near the inlet when the surf is up, and you're likely to see a 12-foot, wooden cross planted in the sand in front of a white Nissan Xterra. If you hang ...
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The Social Mania behind Social Media

A friend of mine posted this comment online recently: "People have used Facebook to overthrow evil dictators and other amazing accomplishments. Meanwhile, I just learned that a woman I know from high school likes her new pedicure. "
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Caution tops checklists for Catholic colleges to reopen in fall

Long before graduation ceremonies are over, college administrators usually have an eye on the upcoming fall semester. And this year, even with virtual commencement ceremonies, the look to the next academic year is inevitable.
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