March 16, 2020

Film Reviews: I Am Patrick

I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland Patrick (John Rhys-Davies, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), now the elderly Christian bishop of Armagh, Ireland, begins to write down the events of his extraordinary life so that others will understand ...
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Lent with the Saints

Lent with the Saints: Damien Joseph de Veuster of Molokai

2 Kings 5:1–15a; Psalm 42:2–3; 43:3–4; Luke 4:24–30 Leprosy is a disease that gets a lot of attention in the Bible. Jesus, who himself healed lepers, cites the story of the cure of the Syrian leper, Naaman, in today’s Gospel, ...
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Persistence Is More Important than Success

We cannot pursue success, acceptance, and acclaim as authentic goals of life, and be real. In meditation we score no goals but we win the match. Most people who stay faithful to the practice find the inner freedom that comes ...
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