April 29, 2019

Why Pray for Grandma Jones?

In your August 2018 column, you wrote that God does not have a vast, eternal plan that Grandma Jones had successful heart surgery last month. OK, why do I pray for her or anyone else? You prayed before her surgery ...
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Where Do Prayers Go?

If you are praying for someone who may have gone to hell, where do those prayers go? Should you keep praying for them even though you don't really know where anyone goes? Only God knows for sure.
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An image of Mary and the child Jesus is seen along a street in Rome May 3, 2023. (CNS photo/Justin McLellan)

Pope Francis on Mary’s ‘Yes’

Our Lady never distanced herself from love: throughout her life her whole being is a “yes” to that love, it is the “yes” to God.
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