September 19, 2017

A Franciscan Perspective on Immigration

Put together more than 400 men, all with opinions. Even while bound by Catholic teaching, there will be disagreements. But on at least one hot-button issue, the votes are in, and it’s unanimous. The US bishops are pro-immigrant. While our current administration promises border walls and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, and some Catholics have cheered, the bishops disagree. They say that immigrants are good for the Catholic Church, good for the country, and, in any case, deserving of dignity, a concern frequently raised by their boss, Pope Francis.

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The Community of Faith

When you read and study Scripture, you are not alone. You are part of an ancient and global community (Acts 2:42–47). It’s more than an individual expression, because it also happens in and with the universal Church. Reading and studying Scripture is both an individual expression of love and trust for God, as well as a communal expression of our faith.

— from the book Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

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