Person in front of a sunset
Pause and Pray

Rain or Shine

Nov 15, 2020
Empty park bench


The weather: It has its effect on my body--and my soul. A dark cloud may mean a welcome rain, but it seldom lifts my spirit to say an Alleluia. I want sunshine.


I pray by the window
and thank you,
God of sun and rain,
storm and breeze,
warmth and chill.
I thank you for all of it,
for the precarious balance
of what you hold
in your all-powerful hands.

I pray to be open
to this hour's weather--
and its influence on my day.
I thank you for its benefits
and blessings.
Help me feel your presence
in the temperature,
the clouds,
the wind,
the light.
May I accept your gifts always.


Under an umbrella I will say thanks. If the day warrants sunscreen I will say thanks. In all things and all weathers, I will give thanks.



Submitted by Jeanne (not verified) on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 03:29 PM


This is exactly what I need to read, pray and remember. I now have 2 printed copies. Whenever the forecast is for rain or it's just a cloudy overcast day my mood darkens and I find myself asking Jesus for help to overcome my darkness. Coincidentally I received this in an email on a very cloudy day that has rain in the forecast. Thank you Jesus and the Holy Spirit

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