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Pause and Pray

No Boxes in the Kingdom

Nov 21, 2021
No boxes in the kingdom


Jesus walked the earth fully man and fully human, sometimes seemingly breaking rules to uphold the golden one. If we take a step back, what culturally accepted boxes in our lives could we burst out of using our God-given creativity?


God of paradoxes and truth,
elp us to hold tightly to what we need
and loosely to what we don’t.

We have to continually remind ourselves that our knowledge
though deeply appreciatedis finite.
We will never know or understand everything, and that’s OK!
You, Lord, are one in three, three in one, both knowable and mysterious.
May we accept and embrace your holy, beautiful, incomprehensible,
and intimate Spirit.



Identify one thing in your life that you have accepted as “that’s just the way it is.” Spend time thinking, praying, and asking if that is indeed the truth.

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