May 3, 2021

CDC director gives nod to indoor worship services for masked, vaccinated

When the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said April 27 that fully vaccinated people who wear masks can safely attend many indoor events such as worship services, the announcement likely did not catch many Catholics by surprise.

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A Life Adrift

This month, millions of people in the United States will mark May 9 by celebrating Mother’s Day. According to reports, last year people spent a record $25 billion—yes, billion—on Mother’s Day. I, however, won’t be one of them. I haven’t been since 2013, when my mom died. 

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Welcoming as Christ Does

As director of a Guadalajara hospital, Madre Nati chose not to treat the soldiers entering the building with the same disrespect that their government showed Catholics.

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Accentuate the Positive: A Message for Moms

The world is in need of positivity and grace. As a mother, let it begin with me.

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Embracing the Ecstasy of Life

We all wrestle with some internal governor prescribing some need for moderation or temperance, which translates, “It’s time to put the kibosh on all manner of joy or ecstasy or elation or, God forbid, wholeheartedness.” Here’s the deal: When we give way to any such shackling measure, we put a lid on our passion and our spirit, and we short-circuit the bounty and generosity that would spill from our heart. This all begs the question: What is the reason we internalize this script, and how does it procure its power? In other words…why do we allow ourselves to live so small?

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