Minute Meditations

A Fuller Flock

flocks of sheep

Listen, learn, be led! This is how we come to know who to love, how to serve, and as a faithful flock be fed. Engaging deeper expectations, prophetic people meet rejection. Persecuted by the presumptive powers they threaten, they are caricatured as wolves. Such prophets are not people ahead of their time. They are simply single-hearted souls who have penetrated the signs of these times. Called in crisis, they sound alarms with urgency, but only because there is so much to be alarmed about. Sharply focused by the lens of faith, their surgical critique illuminates what is not, to highlight what and who we might become. Prophetic people are truth-dwellers. Gathering the scattered, they refuse to inhabit the gloom by choosing to walk together toward what can and will be. With medicinal mercy they brew a tonic of hope and begin to repair and rebuild what has been ruined. May you embrace every prophetic opportunity afforded you this day to be folded back into this fuller flock.

—from the book Wandering and Welcome: Meditations for Finding Peace
by Joseph Grant

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