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What Do You Need to Know—to Grow?

What Do You Need to Know—to Grow?

Every priest is ordained—in part—to be a teacher. For some of us, teaching is a full-time ministry. My Franciscan brothers who teach in high school or on the college level carry on a proud profession, rooted in the history of the Church and in American Catholic Church history. From January 30 through February 5, we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, which promotes the work of Catholic education across our country.

My own “teaching ministry” is exercised as a pastor in several ways. On Sundays, I have a “faith-formation” dimension to my homilies, and we have educational projects at the parish. And, I treasure the time I can spend in our inner-city school, talking with the children, supporting the teachers and interacting with parents.

A special blessing is my “other ministry” with Franciscan Media. Here I can assist in a broad effort to form the faith of American Catholics with my colleagues. Our radio program and other on-air features are part of that ministry, as is our work to supply resources for adult faith formation. In March, we will release an 18-part DVD to teach about the new translation of the Roman Missal, which Catholics in the U.S. will begin using this coming Advent.

We’d like to learn what you’d like to know about your faith. How can we make our faith-formation resources better? Write to me at [email protected]. I would love to hear personally about your particular questions and needs!

This issue, we also welcome to our “media team,” Fr. Pat McCloskey, O.F.M., my Franciscan colleague, who has many years’ experience in Catholic journalism, including being author/editor of a number of award-winning books. He writes the “Ask a Franciscan” column in St. Anthony Messenger, and brings lots of ideas to our media outreach. He will be adding his expertise to the production of this e-newsletter as well! Welcome, Father Pat!