Lent 2017

Third Monday of Lent: True Prophets

True Prophets

“And he said, ‘Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in the prophet’s home town.’”
—Luke 4:24

Francis’ biographers give us a glimpse into his family’s response to his conversion: When his father saw him in this pitiful plight, he was ashamed, and whenever they met, he cursed Francis. When the servant of God heard his father’s curses, he took as his father a poor outcast and said to him: “Come with me and I will give you the alms I receive; and when I hear my father cursing me, I shall turn to you saying: ‘Bless me, Father.’” And when this happened, the beggar did indeed bless him; Francis turned to his father, saying: “Do you not realize that God can give me a father whose blessing will counter your curses?”

Francis might give us the inspiration we need to pause and listen to the people around us and, in their voice, hear the voice of God.

Pray with Saint Francis

The person who practices one virtue and does not offend against the others possesses all. The person who offends against one virtue, possesses none and violates all. Amen.

Lent with Mother Teresa